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H.K Police Club Police Equipment Communication Meeting Held Successfully

Nov 07, 2017

Invited from the president of TONWELL SECURITY LIMITED Wei Ming Chen, in 28th Oct, LuoLuo Li, the general manager of second Ministry of Industry, Hua Huang, the electronic engineer of third Ministry of Industry, led by Shi Sheng Chen, the president of SenKen group, attended to the H.K police club police equipment meeting for practice and communication of products, and achieved a complete success.


▲President Chen personally explains the command and operations plan


▲The group president are listening carefully


▲Action plan

During the meeting, for the purpose of showing the excellent performance of Senken 4G individual unit picture transmission to H.K police officer, the actual exercise was held at Admiralty and Mong kok, and achieved a good effect.


Police officer wears and debugs the equipment


▲The combat squad’s real-time positioning information


▲The combat squad’s real-time image transmission screen

In the actual exercise, every combat unit was composed by four police officers. When the squads enter into the designed area and position, the commander remote monitoring the squad’s image and location in real-time by the wireless pad in the command vehicle. And use of cluster intercom function to command the entire action. The excellent performance function of Senken 4G individual unit picture transmission, win president Chen and other experts’ admire.

When the meeting came to the product communication, the technician explained the functional characteristics of equipment, technical parameters, usage cases and so on in details, at the same time, demonstrated the operation of anti-monitor hearing analyzer, individual combat rail helmet and other equipments. After that, the technician answered the question from the experts and carefully listened to the experts for their valuable advice and suggestions, it is guidance for the product upgrade.


Presentation of the Anti-monitor analyzer

The success of the communication meeting won unanimously approval by the president Chen and other experts. President Chen claimed that wish Senken combine to the actual working processes and related laws, to achieve further improvement of the products’ comprehensive application and actual combat level for H.K police. And both sides between Townwell and Senken should maintain close contact and communication and prepare the next communication meeting as soon as possible.

Senken is following to the principle of “From the front line, serve the actual combat”, keep inventing and improving high-tech integrated, informative, intelligent police equipment. Take full intension to promote our police equipments in Hong Kong and Macao market. Strive for the contribution of H.K and Macao’s social public security and police protection work.

Product extension

4G handheld isolated force terminal


4G handheld isolated force terminal as a high performance portable terminal, is designed to the law enforcement and working efficiency for the front line staffs. It is based on Android platform, designed for demands, have abundant functions. It uses three-anti protection design, can endure a variety of harsh conditions of high-load work. Support 3G / 4G network of multi-operators, self-adaptive network conditions, combines with its dispatch system, providing clear, fluency and stable real-time audio effects. It realizes wireless video surveillance, GPS / Beidou positioning, emergency scheduling, cluster calls, two-way video and other functions. It can be widely used in patrol, fire control, air defense, border defense, city management, insurance claims, electricity and other industries.

Performance feature:

Android system, convenient operation, friendly interface, fast customization.

Three-anti protection, 1.5m drop height.

4-inch full range of capacitive touch screen, clear picture, no blind spot, touch soft, sensitive and accurate;

Support 3G / 4G network and private network construction;

Support in/external two-ways video inputs, the highest resolution support 1080P;

GPS / Beidou mixed base station positioning, 10 seconds positioning, no drift;

Support Bluetooth and can connect external Bluetooth devices;

Support cluster call, cluster scheduling, dispatch instructions, the call supports two-way video;

Ultra large capacity battery, full charge within 3 hours, can work continuously for 5 hours without charging.

DSJ-X6 4G Single police enforcement video and audio recorder is a high-tech equipment of law enforcement. It consists of recording, picturing function. The video images clear and can continuous video for a long time. Based on GPS / Beidou positioning, 3 / 4G wireless transmission, with password unlock, waterproof and shockproof and so on. Widely used in public security, traffic police, city management, road and other departments. Further promote the standard law enforcement provides a strong guarantee.

DSJ-X6 4G Single police enforcement video and audio recorder


DSJ-X6 4G Single police enforcement video and audio recorder meet the A-level standard, strict shape design, professional structural design, using the most advanced two-color injection molding process. The surface injects silicone after the plastic molding. It greatly enhanced the anti-drop waterproof performance.

Product Highlights:

It is small size, light weight, one cell can continuous record 6.5 hours. Replace battery can continuous record 13 hours. Standby time is 200 hours or more.

Two-color shell injection, the whole surface injects silicone injection after plastic molding, the drop height is up to 2 meters.

Waterproof level:IP65

Video resolution: up to 2560 × 1440 (30 frames)

Camera pixels: up to 8000 × 5248 (42 million)

Infrared night vision: 10 meters to see the facial features, 20 meters to see the outline of the human body

Video playback: Up to 128 times for fast forward or rewind.

Positioning: Support GPS / Beidou dual mode positioning

4G Transmission: have internal full Netcom module, support 3 / 4G transmission real-time.

All resolutions support digital zoom, have 4 ×, 10 ×, 16 ×, 32 ×, 64 × times digital zoom.