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Go Out Wearing A Helmets To Use The Misunderstanding

Jun 16, 2017

(1) wearing a helmets is not tied, in the event of an accident, the helmets will be thrown out, not play a protective role.

(2) the use of polished protective lenses, affecting the driver's line of sight, hinder the safe driving.

(3) wearing a narrow, too small helmets, easy to squeeze the nerves of the head, causing damage to the body.

(4) the use of extended helmets, the general life of the helmets for a year, overdue use, its material changes occur. After the aging of the helmets material, easy to brittle, can not get the protective effect of the helmets.

(5) map is cheap. Wear poor quality helmets with poor quality products and no production licenses.

Good quality helmets not only have a fixed mark, but the head contains the following: product name, name, site, trademark, product type, product model, specifications and production license number. Poor quality helmets logo is not complete.

Good quality helmets, the choice of glass or steel materials, engineering plastics, goggles for the PC plastic velvet plexiglass, according to national standards but also through the hardening treatment to increase the intensity. Poor quality helmets, the choice of renewable or ordinary plastic, and without hardening treatment.

motorcycle helmets

Simple identification:

(1 with a nail to wear a general hard objects to protect the eyepiece, do not leave the quality of good marks.

(2 slightly hit the shell on the deformation of the description is inferior products.

(3 good quality helmets, protective layer with non-toxic harmless material, size standards, the particles are very fine (generally not more than 3 mm), can better absorb the collision energy, improve their strength. Layer foam coarse particles, can not effectively absorb the collision energy, forced extrusion appears.