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Design Features Of Bulletproof Shield Structure

Jul 19, 2017

Bullet-proof shield can provide excellent protection for SWAT teams and groups, but are cumbersome, usually used when attacking the front of a siege target, when the small group is arrayed after the bulletproof card, Bulletproof Shield has a variety of design style, some special box units armed with the protection of a single bulletproof shield, the size of a small, light weight, by the SWAT team single hand holding, usually used in small space operations, especially in the operation of the door.

The large bulletproof shield are designed to have observation windows, and even to install lighting on them.

1. Shield adopts curved surface design to achieve level three bulletproof. It is usually made of bullet-proof materials such as lightweight alloys or polystyrene. From dry bulk, even with lightweight materials, the heavy star is usually still up to 10-15 kg.

2. Horizontal design grip, can help dry long time carrying, grip and shield the spacing of not less than 7 centimeters, to ensure that when the warhead hit the shield, the deformation does not reach the dry oppression.

3. The lower part of the shield is designed with a limited bar to ensure a certain distance between the body and the shield.

4. The support points for all additional devices are located on the shield edge, so as not to affect the bullet-proof capability of the Shield center.

5. The monitoring window on the shield is made of multilayer polycarbonate and is consistent with the surface of the shield.

On television, people often see the police in the face of the enemy will hold a shield, it is the riot shield, it is the modern riot police often used defensive equipment, there are shields and pallet two composition. Most of the shield panels are outside convex arcs or rectangular arcs, while the pallet is fixed on the surface of the shield, with a buckle or a grip device. Its material is generally polycarbonate or glass fiber reinforced lightweight materials.

Riot shields are used by riot police in response to mass unrest, with a lower level of conflict, and can effectively block bricks, sticks, glass and other sprints and blows outside the shield. Characteristics of the police used products also have bullet-proof, impact resistance and the performance of strong light, can effectively reduce the light weapons in close range of the shooting, and even can effectively block the near-range explosion of the shock wave and shrapnel. When the team moves forward, the first team will often hold an explosion shield, providing effective cover for the players behind.