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Deepen Cooperation Between Police And Enterprises

Mar 19, 2018


In order to deepen the strategic cooperation and strengthen the police affairs construction, March 15th, the business delegation consisting of Jin Mingyong, President of the Group, Ruan Chengyang, General Manager of the Third Industry Division, and Wu Junhuang, Marketing Director of the Fujian Region came to the Zhangzhou Public Security Bureau, with deputy secretary Xu Jia and related department leaders had a strategic cooperation and communication meeting between police and  enterprises.


This communication meeting mainly focused on the interconnection of smart dispatch platforms with police cars and policemen’s science and technology equipment, and jointly researched the latest technology equipment, information technology and internet of things technology in the areas of police command and dispatch, intelligent collection of holographic data, and intelligence information support. The application of the information technology together to explore the promotion and development. At the same time, they paid visits and investigations to the steady progress of cooperation projects in the past two years and actively participated in the construction of science and technology police department.


SENKEN GROUP will make every effort to create a smart policing system for the ZhangZhou Public Security Bureau, continuously strengthen the holistic control of the security situation and visual command, flat scheduling, cooperative operations, and precision service levels, and provide effective support for the policing mechanism innovation of public security agencies.

ZhangZhou Public Security Bureau is an important strategic partner of SENKEN GROUP, since the beginning of cooperation , it has always been adhering to the joint exploration of police and enterprise cooperation to create the purpose of the science and technology police department, integrating resource advantages, and developing a full range of multi-levels. deep cooperation.

Through deepening cooperation in this key area, the two sides will open a new pattern on the basis of the past, strengthen public safety management with smart policing, improve the ability, speed, and effectiveness of public security agencies in cracking down on illegal crimes, and achieve a full range of strategic interconnections.