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Daily Recommend :LTE1755 Integrated Warning Light

Feb 08, 2018


Product Overview

LED integrated warning light LTE1755 is newly designed by our company according to the application requirements in different fields of the market. With the features of high intensity, low consumption, long service life, high stability and easy installation. Using for warning and illumination. Can be applied to the installation of special vehicles in different fields.

 Warning light group can choose a variety of flashing patterns, and the light angle can reach to 180 ° visual; illumination lighting group has wild lighting range, can be individually controlled to provide illumination for vehicle operators.


Technical parameters

Working voltage: DC10-30V

Working temperature: -40℃~+75℃

Light dimension: 234x194x64mm

Color option: Red, blue, amber

Flash pattern: 12 patterns

Mounting: 4 bolts installation (dimension:167x128)




Finished products should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, handle gently without heavy pressure to avoid damage.