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Daily Recommend-high-brightness Search Light

Mar 16, 2018

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CHJ0013000 search light is mainly used for anti-terrorism and riot protection, security patrols, special operations, field search and rescue and border defense, prisons, maritime and other places, to provide glare deterrence and all-round, multi-angle, long-distance and large-scale inspection, search, tracking, rescue and construction lighting needs.

This search light adopts advanced design concept and manufacturing process, uses the international advanced high-power short-arc xenon lamp as a light source.

It is equipped with a wired controller and a long-distance wireless remote controller, which can focus on the convergence of the light beam. Pan and rotation angle and rotation speed are adjusted.

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1. Using 3000W short-arc xenon lamp as light source, high brightness, high color rendering, small light decay, small arc spot, easy.

2. With hot start function. It can quickly reach the maximum light output after start.

3. Adopt imported high-power fans for heat to ensure the lamps can work long time.

4. With electric focus function. It can freely adjust the light angle, when the light angle is 0 °, light distance is more than 3000m.

5. Adopt three 1000W ballasts to control the light output. Ballast conversion efficiency, low energy consumption, noise-free, anti-electromagnetic interference. It with protection of perfect over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit, overload, high temperature protection.

6. Lamp tube and bracket made of high-strength aluminum processing, heat dissipation, structural stability, light weight.

7. Using wireless and wired dual control methods, wireless remote control can operate flexibly within 50m.

8, This light is small, light weight, no distribution box, all components integrated in the bracket, greatly reducing the installation space requirements, apply to more occasions.

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Technical Parameters

Lamp working voltage: AC220V/50Hz

Lamp working current: ≤14A

System operating voltage: DC12V

System working current: ≤5A

Light source: Short arc xenon lamp

Start method: hot start

Light source power: 3000W (1000W, 2000W, 3000W adjustable)

Light angle: 0-20° (focusable)

Irradiation distance: greater than 3000m when the light angle is 0°

Average life: 1000h

Light intensity: 16000000cd

Color temperature: 6000K

Color rendering index:>95

Vertical rotation angle: -30° to +60°

Horizontal rotation angle: 380°

Rotation speed: 1~4r/min (adjustable speed)

Protection class: IP54

Control method: wired controller and wireless remote controller

Remote control distance: ≥50M

Operating environment: -40° to +55°

Dimensions: 680mm×730mm×815mm

Total weight: 67kg

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