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Children's Day -Share Senken Love To Childrens

Jun 04, 2020

On June 1, Senken  Group Co., Ltd. organized the "Children's Day" activity, and sent schoolbags, sports equipment, stationery books and other gifts to the school children. 

Follow-up on the establishment of "Senken  Library" with the local town government and school leaders to carry out discussions and exchanges.




At the meeting, the school principal admitted that the school's textbook resources are now updated much less quickly than the children need to learn. Although there is a library, the book storage is insufficient and old.

Chen Shisheng, the honorary chairman of our Senken, expressed his hope to establish a long-term student contact mechanism with the school, and proposed multiple possible forms of donations such as rural libraries, mobile libraries, and social linkage cooperation to make the "Interstellar Library" more viable and sustainable. To this end, give the children a fulcrum and light up their spiritual home.



Senken team conducted a preliminary visit to the Central Elementary School of Daruoyan Town, and made suggestions on subsequent library management, book donation and other matters, hoping to donate books to build dreams and pave the way for children to read the world!