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Chen Shisheng, President Of Senken Group Helped To Promote Public Welfare Through Practical Actions

Jan 31, 2018

On January 16, the charity party organized by Lucheng Charity Federation, Lucheng Committee Organization Department, Propaganda Department of Lucheng District, Poverty Relief Office of Lucheng District and Civil Affairs Bureau of Lucheng District jointly organized the "Charity Prize Presentation Ceremony"was held in Broadcast and TV Center. After a month of application, primary election and jury evaluation, Chen Shicheng, president of our Chamber of Commerce, came to the fore and won the title of "Top Ten Philanthropist of Lucheng City".


At the same time of operating the enterprise, President Chen replied to the society with truth and carried forward the fine traditional virtues of silently dedication and poverty alleviation, which have played a good role for many entrepreneurs. From the beginning of the business, he started to pay attention to social welfare undertakings and launched the "Three Hundred Philanthropies Project", namely "donating one hundred poor students", "donating one hundred Star Library", "donating millions to create the title fund", "100 Poor Village Residents" and other projects to donate money to elementary schools in poor areas, donate books to set up libraries, and subsidize fresh university students every year to provide internship practice opportunities during the summer and winter vacations and to transfer a large number of outstanding talents to the country and society .


Since the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce, President Chen has led all member enterprises to actively respond to the call of the district government and adhere to the principle of "developing the enterprise and giving back to the society." At this charity event, the Nanjiao Neighborhood Chamber of Commerce donated 600,000 yuan. chambers of commerce and member enterprises have practiced public welfare with practical actions, carried forward the spirit of charity and contributed to the sustainable and healthy development of public welfare undertakings in our district.