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Catching & Arresting Gloves

Dec 23, 2017



Catching&arresting gloves are especially for aviation security and front-line public security police and other law enforcement team customize non-injurious law enforcement weapon. The ergonomically trimmed and pre-curved design of the hand-applied handpiece makes hand movements more flexible and durable with durable materials and premium leather to ensure the quality and performance of the product.




● Lightweight and weightless with small size, two seconds to start the engine, easy operation;

● Handshake or grab people's wrist to make him immediately lose ability to attack;

● Can be well hidden to facilitate close combat;

● Perfect user-friendly design surface in line with ergonomic principles;

● Suitable for using indoors or in narrower environment;

● The current is less than 10mA (maximum 30mA), does no harm compared with the high-voltage electric shock gloves;

● Electronic pulse mode, you can instantly lift the bondage without any trauma on the skin surface.


Boot time: ≤ 2 seconds

Working time: ≥8 hours

Continuous attacking time: ≥ 2 hours

Charging voltage: 5V

Output current: 10mA-30mA

Output voltage: 320V-380V

Charging time: about 2 hours

Weight: 260g-650g per pair

Material: leather insulation material

Hitting material: carbon fiber, can withstand more than 100kg pressure

Battery: Built-in lithium battery, can be used repeatedly after charging

Electrode characteristics: claw-like, can penetrate the human cuticle

Electric characteristics: without any trauma on the surface of skin and no fatal injuries

Electric way: electronic pulse mode, you can instantly lift the bondage