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Bulletproof Vest Of Performance Introduction

Jul 10, 2017

Bulletproof vest is "to absorb and dissipate warheads, broken pieces of kinetic energy, to prevent penetration, the effective protection of the human body by a protective part of the clothing." From the use of view, Bulletproof vest can be divided into police and military-type two. From the material, Bulletproof vest can be divided into software, hardware and soft and hard complex three. The software is mainly made of high-performance textile fibers. These high-performance fibers are much higher than the energy absorption capacity of the general materials and give the bullet-proof clothing the bullet-proof function, and because of the general structure of the warriors, The softness, known as the software Bulletproof vest. Hardware bullet-proof clothing is a special steel, super-aluminum and other metal materials or alumina, silicon carbide and other hard non-metallic materials as the main bullet-proof materials, the resulting Bulletproof vest generally do not have softness. Soft and soft composite Bulletproof vest between the two types of soft, it is a soft material for the lining, with hard materials as a panel and reinforced materials, is a composite Bulletproof vest.

As a protective device, Bulletproof vest should first have the core performance is bulletproof performance. At the same time as a functional clothing, it should also have a certain performance.

Bulletproof performance

The bulletproof performance of the bodyguard is mainly reflected in the following three aspects: (1) anti-pistol and rifle bullets Many software Bulletproof vest can be anti-pistol bullets, but to prevent rifle bullets or higher energy bullets, you need to use ceramic Or steel reinforcing plates. (2) bullet-proof pieces of explosives such as bombs, mines, shells and grenades and other high-speed bursts of the explosion is one of the major threats on the battlefield. According to the survey, a battlefield soldiers face the threat of the size of the order is: shrapnel, bullet, blast shock and heat. Therefore, we must emphasize the function of bullet-proof sheet. (3) anti-penetrating damage bullet hit the target will have a great impact, this impact on the human body produced by the damage is often fatal. This injury does not show a penetrating, but will cause internal injuries, severe life-threatening. So to prevent non-penetrating injury is also a bullet-proof clothing bulletproof performance of an important aspect.

Taking performance

The performance requirements of the Bulletproof vest on the one hand means that without affecting the ability of bulletproof under the premise of bullet-proof suits should be as light and comfortable as possible, people can still be more flexible after the completion of a variety of actions. On the other hand is the clothing on the "clothing - the human body" system micro-climate environment adjustment ability. For the Bulletproof vest, it is hoped that the body wearing a Bulletproof vest, can still maintain the "human - clothing" basic heat and moisture exchange state, as far as possible to avoid the bulletproof the surface of the body of the accumulation of moisture to the human body caused by hot and humid and so uncomfortable Feeling, reduce physical consumption. In addition, due to its special use of the environment, Bulletproof vest should also take into account the adaptability of other weapons and equipment.