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Bulletproof Shield Structure Design Features

Jun 16, 2017

On television, people often see the police in the face of the enemy when the hands will hold a shield, it is an anti-riot shield, it is a modern anti-riot police often use defensive equipment, a shield and pallet two components. Most of the shields are convex or arc-shaped rectangles, while the pallet is fixed to the surface of the shield, with a buckle or a grip device. Its material is generally polycarbonate or fiberglass and other light weight of the material.

The riot shield is used by riot police in response to group riots and low levels of conflict, and can effectively block the bricks, sticks, glass, etc., and so on. Characteristics of the police use the product also has a bullet-proof, anti-shock and anti-glare performance, can effectively light weapons in the close range of shooting, and even can effectively block the explosion caused by the shock wave and shrapnel. In the team when the first team members will often hand-held explosion-proof shield, to the back of the players in the provision of effective cover.

Bulletproof shields can provide excellent protection for special police officers and groups, but relatively bulky, usually in the face of the storm on the front of the implementation of the use of storms, this time, the assault group composed of columns, living in the bullet after the card, bulletproof shield Kind of design style, some special box troops equipped with a half-body protection of single bulletproof shield, this after the card size is small, very light weight, by the special police players holding a single hand, usually used in small space combat use, especially the door In action.

Large bulletproof shield, there will be observation window design, even in the above installation of lighting equipment.

1. Shield with curved surface design, to achieve three levels of bulletproof. Usually made of lightweight alloy or polystyrene and other bulletproof material. From the dry volume larger, even with lightweight materials, usually heavy stars still reach 10-15 kg.

2. Horizontal design of the grip, help dry for a long time carrying, grip and shield the spacing of not less than 7 centimeters to ensure that when the warhead hit the shield, the deformation occurred less than dry pressure hand.

3. Shield the lower part of the design limit bar to ensure that the body and the shield to maintain a certain distance.

4. All the additional support of the device are located in the edge of the shield, so as not to affect the shield center of the bullet-proof capability.

5. The shield on the shield is made of multi-layer polycarbonate material and is consistent with the shield's surface.