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Bulletproof Mechanism Of Bulletproof Vest And Its Influencing Factors

Jul 10, 2017

Bullet-proof clothing bullet-proof mechanism from the fundamental that there are two: First, the formation of fragments after the break break; the second is through the bullet-proof material to release the kinetic energy of the warhead. The United States in the twenties and thirties developed the first bullet-proof jerseys is even in the solid clothes within the lap plate to provide protection. This Bulletproof vest and later similar hardware Bulletproof vest is by playing the bullet or shrapnel, or to break the bullet to consume the decomposition of its energy and play a bulletproof effect. To high-performance fiber as the main bullet-proof material of the Bulletproof vest, the ballistic mechanism is the latter-based, that is, the use of high-strength fiber as raw material to "grab" bullets or shrapnel to achieve the purpose of bulletproof.

The study shows that the software bulletproof vest absorption of energy in the following five ways: (1) the deformation of the fabric: including the direction of the bullet into the direction of deformation and the incident point near the tensile deformation; (2) fabric damage: (4) sound energy: the energy consumed by the sound emitted by the bullet after the bulletproof layer; and (3) the energy of the fabric; and (3) the energy of the fabric, (5) deformation of the missile body. In order to improve the bulletproof capacity and the development of soft and hard composite Bulletproof vest, the bullet mechanism can be used "soft and hard" to sum up. Bullet hit the Bulletproof vest, the first thing with the role of hard bulletproof materials such as steel or reinforced ceramic materials. At this moment of contact, bullets and hard bulletproof materials are likely to undergo deformation or breakage, consuming most of the energy of the bullets. The high-strength fiber fabric acts as a liner for the Bulletproof vest and the second line of defense, absorbing and diffusing the remainder of the energy of the bullet and acting as a cushioning effect, thereby minimizing non-penetrating damage. In the two bullet-proof process, the previous play a major energy absorption, greatly reducing the penetration of the radio, is the key to bulletproof.

Factors that affect the effectiveness of bullet-proof clothing can be considered from the two aspects of the interaction of the radio (bullet or shrapnel) and bullet-proof material. In terms of the body, its kinetic energy, shape and material are important factors in determining its penetration. Ordinary warheads, especially lead or ordinary steel core bombs in contact with bullet-proof materials will be deformed. In this process, the bullets are consumed a considerable part of the kinetic energy, thus effectively reducing the penetration of the bullet, is the bullet energy absorption mechanism is an important aspect. And for bombs, grenades and other explosions generated by the shrapnel or bullets to form the second fragments, the situation is significantly different. The shape of these shrapnel irregular, sharp edges, light weight, small size, hit the bulletproof material in particular, after the software bulletproof material is not deformed. In general, the speed of such debris is not high, but large and intensive. The key to the energy absorption of such pieces of debris is to cut and stretch the yarns of the bulletproof fabric and break it, and to cause the interaction between the inner yarns of the fabric and the different layers of the fabric, resulting in the overall deformation of the fabric , In the process of debris outside the work done, thus consuming their own energy.