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Anti-riot Helmets Is A Modern Explosion-proof Commonly Used Defense Equipment

Oct 25, 2017

Anti-riot Helmets is a kind of police equipment, is an important type of security wizards, anti-riot Helmets mainly for security and security work, in order to maintain social stability and create a civilized home for the construction of a harmonious society has made tremendous contributions.

Anti-riot Helmets is a modern explosion-proof commonly used defense equipment. The specific construction of the riot Helmets includes the Helmets plate and the pallet. Helmetss are mostly convex arcs or arcs, and the pallet is fixedly connected to the back of the Helmets by means of connecting parts, with cuffs and grips on the pallet.

Anti-riot Helmets from the material point of view, like a PC material, aluminum alloy two. From the appearance point of view, there are round anti-riot Helmets, a square anti-riot Helmets two. Round anti-riot Helmets size is 550x500mm round, square anti-riot Helmets size is 900x500mm. From the thickness point of view, anti-riot Helmets panel, 3.0mm thick, 3.5mm thick, 4.0mm thick, 4.5mm thick, 5.0mm thick, the thicker the panel, the stronger the ability to riot. Of course, the thicker the product, the price is the more expensive. Users can choose according to their actual needs, affordability, etc., have the option to purchase.

So for the sake of safety, we should buy after a little riot Helmets, the safety of rioters play a greater role.