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27th Anniversary Of The SENKEN GROUP

May 25, 2017

To celebrate 27th anniversary of the SENKEN GROUP establishment. We organized a series of celebrations, in which the traditional game - Staff “FUNNY GAMES” have gotten enthusiastic response from the majority staffs. All staffs gathered together to celebrate SENKEN GROUP 27th birthday.


"FUNNY GAMES" competition highlights the theme of "fun" and "cooperation". The game regardless of job, age, gender.With the spirit of Friendship first, competition second”


During the games, athletes have fight for "tug-of-war", "four obstacles", "50 meters relay race", "cycling slow riding" and other twelve games. You can notice exciting scenes everywhere, there are various games are lively, exciting and funny.

Majority of staffs are completely immersed in the joy of fun and collaboration among the fun.

During the game, the occasional factors caused many funny humorous scenes, making laughter always accompanied by the game.


After four hours competition, individual awards and group awards rankings were baked. Company set generous bonus for winners and encouraged all contestants. Wonderful events, lively scenes, fully realized the staff who have the courage to fight and dare to be the first.


After the event, everybody told company hold this funny games.It provide a mutual communication, mutual exchange, mutual cooperation and display their own platform, but also enriched the connotation of corporate culture, enhance the team's combat effectiveness.