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104th Portable High-definition Over-speed Capture System

Nov 23, 2017

Portable High-definition Over-speed capture system

High-definition Over-speed capture system


The Portable High-definition Over-speed capture system is fully embedded structure equipment, which contains functions of image acquisition, vehicle detecting, illegal judgment, trigger capture, data storage, data transfer and so on in one set. Besides, there is no need to place IPC (Industrial Personal Computer) in front-end. Compare with the IPC system structure, its concise structure, stable performance, strong environmental adaptability features are more competent for the 24 hours continuous outdoor working demands for intelligent transportation products. At present, this product has been widely used in the area of domestic and overseas public transportation safety.


Learn more about performance characteristics.

· Fully embedded structure, integrated industrial design, easy installation and easy to use;

· 7.8-inch color LCD touch screen, detachable operation to facilitate on-site police law enforcement;

· High-precision of radar positioning, high- precision of speed measurement, high -precision of snapping capture;

· With static and dynamic speed measurement function, support two-way, anti-direction, and same direction speed measurement;

· Built-in Intelligent Analysis Algorithms such as license plate recognition and so on;

· Support illegal evidence collection, such as over-speed, retrograde, yellow license car and blacklist inspection and so on;

· Support tripod mounted and vehicle mounted;

· Support manual recording, and support automatic recording in illegal process;

· Support fill light at night;

· Support a variety ways of constitute network, WiFi / 3G / 4G and other components can be used to form a wireless network.

· Support on-site printing and convenient for site law enforcement;

· Small size, light weight, easy to carry.


Tripod mounted and vehicle mounted installation picture

Tripod mounted and vehicle mounted installation picture

Technical parameters detailed analysis

Image pixels: 3 million

Image resolution: 2048 × 1536

Video resolution: 1280 × 800

Speed measurement range: 5 ~ 250km / h

Speed measurement accuracy: -4km / h ~ 0km / h

Capture rate: ≥ 95%

Speed measurement direction: the same direction, reverse direction, two-way direction...

Data interface:One RS232 serial port

Fill light synchronous interface:one way,Optical coupling signal output(Fill light optional)

Power connector:One USB connector

Built-in SD card storage:64G

OSD information superimposed:Support to define the location, time, speed, limit speed, license plate, illegal type and other information superposition

Tamper proofing of image: according to the need to add watermarking function

Recognition function: license Plate Recognition

Video recording: automatic and manual video record of illegal events

Illegal capture: Over-speed, Retrograde, Pressure Yellow Line, Illegal Parking, Illegal U-turn, Blacklist (Optional), Yellow license Car (Optional)

On-site law enforcement: On-site printing ticket (optional)

Data upload: Upload pictures to Picture Server via WiFi / 3G / 4G (optional)

Working voltage: DC12V±20%

Average power consumption: <15W