Military Equipment Bullet Proof Helmet

Senken bullet proof helmet level 4 And Military Bulletproof Helmet FDK-01 Blletproof helmet is the best Aramid Excellent High quality NIJ standard FAST ballistic Helmet, senken is the top 10 military tactical and police High quality NIJ standard FAST ballistic Helmet factory, manufacturer and supplier in the world.

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Bulletproof helmets are often used to prevent bullets or fragments. Experiments have shown that the tactical helmet series of high-strength and high-modulus polyethylene fibers use a thermoplastic resin as the base of the bullet-proof helmet. These helmets are lightweight, UV resistant, and have a negligible effect on moisture.


Implementation of the standard: GA293-2012 "police bulletproof helmet and mask"

7.6-type 7.62mm submachine gun, 1951 style 7.62mm pistol bullet

Tactical rails are installed on both sides and the front end of the helmet, and night vision can be added.

Signal light for eye position determination or emergency survival;

Formation lights, used for night group formation identification, red, blue and green colors are optional;

Noise canceling earphone and earphone buckle;

Protection levelNIJ IIIA.
Dimensionsthickness 8mm, head adjustment 560-630mm
Compositionguide rail / cuttlefish / goggles buckle / Velcro / cushion sponge / anti-vibration memory foam / internal seismic system / buffer system / knob head circumference adjustment system

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