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Sinorich Consortium

    Sinorich consortium is composed of nine Private Enterprises: Senken Group Co., Ltd, China SunLead Group, Ao Kang Group, China Fapai Group, China Taili Industrial Co., Ltd, GuoGuang Real Estate, Zhejiang Yuan yang Glasses Co., Ltd, China Yaohua Group and Xinya Investment Group.

    Sinorich consortium is a trail of innovating and developing organization system by uniting Wenzhou private company capital. Capital operation concerned, integrating with many powerful enterprises jointly investing to establish the consortium can overcome the limitation of a single weak corporate capital, thus contributing to the Wenzhou private economy accesses to certain capital-intensive industries. Sinorich consortium is a very large asset size than a thousand billion “carrier consortium”. The goal is to create a comprehensive enterprise group of finance, industry and trade "Trinity". Consortium members of the board of directors, CEO of Senken Group Co., Ltd Mr.Chen has also said that “ZhongRui consortium will direct to large projects of municipal Engineering and real estate on a nationwide scale.

Shanghai MINS Street

    Shanghai MINS Street Enterprise Management CO. LTD builds creative platform of industry consolidation, resource gathering and providing modern services. Therefore, since 2006, Shanghai MINS Street has been awarded“Shanghai MINS Street Creative Industries centralized area” by Shanghai Economic Commission, and awarded “Small Business Venture Base” by National Development and Reform Commission. In March 2007, Shanghai MINS Street Creative Industries centralized area Construction has been listed as “District key projects” by Zhabei District popular government.